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            Biography of  Dr. Juergen Kosel

               I was born in 1958 in Osnabrueck, Germany. I studied Sport at the German Sport University Cologne, Germany. Upon completion of my
              Sport Teachers Diploma I spent six years as a Training Representative at the Institute for Rehabilitation and Disabled Sport at German
              Sport University Cologne and as a teacher at Weiden High School in Cologne. 

              Subsequently, I studied Human Medicine at the University Clinics in Cologne. I completed my Assistant Doctor training at the City Hospital in
              Osnabrueck, specializing in Internal Medicine, in the Surgery at Marien-Hospital in
Erftstadt and in the orthopaedic department at the District
Mechernich, an academic training hospital of the University of Bonn. On top of the specialist training as an Orthopaedist I have
              specific training in General Medicine and experience in Acupuncture,
Chirotherapy, Social Medicine, Physical Therapy, Natural Welfare,
              Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

              As an Orthopaedist I have worked in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany at the Rehabilitation Hospital as Upper Physician and Commissioner Head
              Physician. Afterwards I moved to the Rehabilitation Hospital Prof.
Volhard Klinik in Masserberg, Thueringen as a Head Physician.
              Upon receiving an offer to take over a larger Orthopaedic department with a broader technical spectrum I accepted the offer as Head
              Physician in the Klinikum
Passauer Wolf in Bad Griesbach (East Bavaria, Germany). My extra duties on top of being in charge of the
              orthopaedic department included support and treatment of patients after their operations on shoulders, hips, knee joints and
spinal discs
              after accidents and chronic degenerative illnesses from the rheumatic areas. A special group of patients were fire-injured who required
              intensive treatment.

              Due to my qualifications the Doctors Chamber requested further training for Upper and Assistant Doctor in the area of Orthopaedic (1 year)
              and extra specialized in Social Medicine and Physical Therapy (full education authorization). In Bad
Griesbach I had additionally an
              Orthopaedic Private Outpatients Clinic and treated predominantly patients with chronic pain by using Osteopathy and techniques of the
              Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture, special
diagnostics of scars and Qi Gong.

              As Head Physician I developed new treatment concepts and I am still a consultant for Social Courts, Professional Associations, Private
              Insurance, and held specialized lectures, congresses and conferences. After training as a Quality Manager I introduced established
              Doctors Quality Management Systems in rehabilitations clinics. During consultations of practices I can use my knowledge from my extra
              diploma studies as Health Economist.

            From 1988 I belonged to the German Disabled Athletes Federation DBS e.V. (Registered Association) and Crew Physician of the German
              Volleyball National Team, which I also accompanied to international matches and the Paralympics. 
With the Summer-Paralympics
             taking place in Beijing 2008, the Winter-Paralympics taking place in Vancouver 2010, the Summer-Paralympics taking place in
             London 2012, and the Summer Paralympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro 2016 I had the responsibility as Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
of the German crew with physicians and physiotherapists.
In 2017 I resigned from my functions for personal reasons.

             I have been running a private orthopedic practice in Cologne-Lövenich since 2006 and offer a wide range of conservative treatment methods.

               In 2021 my book “Orthopädie verstehen!” was published.
In it, I explain important relationships in orthopedics in an easy-to-understand way for medical laypeople on 546 pages,
which should also be of interest to therapists.
The book contains 10 tests for self-analysis and 17 exercises that can help with acute complaints as well as preventive measures.
Over 850 keywords make it easier to search for topics, and by referring to 107 verified links
further information can be found on the Internet on request.
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